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Drink or drunk: developing partnerships to assist licensed premises in minimising alcohol-related violence
  1. Costello Deborah,
  2. Ashe Mary,
  3. Stevely Sarai
  1. Injury Control Council of Western Australia, 2 Delhi Street, West Perth, Australia


    Background The Drink or Drunk project was funded through the National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund. The project examines why staff at licensed premises continue to serve to intoxication despite current laws and interventions.

    Objectives To improve understanding into why staff continue to serve to intoxication, examine factors that increase the probability of staff serving to intoxication and to identify new strategies to reduce the likelihood of this occurring.

    Method The methodology involved a combination of one to one interviews and an online survey across both the regional and metropolitan areas of Western Australia. This qualitative research was disseminated to the communities in which the research took place as well as to other organisations within the alcohol and other drugs field.

    Outcome Some of the recommendations include;

    1. Responsible service of alcohol (RSA) training requirements to be standardised across the nation

    2. RSA training to include patron management techniques

    3. Programme to work with licensed premises to help them take more responsibility for the role they play in preventing negative patron behaviour

    Significance The research provides insights into understanding the fear and rationale behind why staff continue to serve patrons to intoxication. A network of partnerships both on a state and national level is necessary to apply the recommendations through a coordinated, consistent, holistic approach.

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