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Primary healthcare reform in Momtenegro and its influence on rights of patients suffering from mental disorders
  1. A Macic*,
  2. A Stjepcevic
  1. Correspondence Center For Mental Health, Dobrota b.b. Kotor 85330, Montenegro


The aim of the study is to determine the influence of current reforms in Montenegro on the level of protection of patients suffering from mental disorders. Currently two reforms of Public Health System are in progress in Montenegro. The first started in 2005 under the sponsorship of the UN refers to establishment of communal psychiatry, promotion of Mental Health Centers as the reform executors and to improvement of healthcare for patients suffering from mental disorders. The second started in 2007 refers to introduction of a chosen doctor as the executor of the primary healthcare, which diminished the role of mental health centres considerably. The research has been carried out both in the Mental Health Center and in the Health Center of Kotor. It points to interrelationship of the two programs, stating the problems in their application, their results, whether and in which way they imperil the rights of patients with mental disorders and finally it suggests the measures for their outcome. The research shows that there is a collision in essential issues between the two programs, lack of coordination and the fact that the application of this Primary Health Reform reduces remarkably the rights of patients who suffer from mental disorders.

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