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Descriptive exploration of overdose codes in hospital and emergency department discharge data to inform development of drug overdose morbidity surveillance indicator definitions in ICD-10-CM
Leigh M Tyndall Snow, Katelyn E Hall, Cody Custis, Allison L Rosenthal, Emilia Pasalic, Sarah Nechuta, James W Davis, Bretta Jane Jacquemin, Sherani R Jagroep, Peter Rock, Elyse Contreras, Barbara A Gabella, Katherine A James

9 April 2021

Burden of injuries in Vietnam: emerging trends from a decade of economic achievement
Quynh Anh Nguyen, Thu Ha Nguyen, Justin Beardsley, Chris D Castle, Anh Kim Dang, Zachary V Dingels, Jack T Fox, Chi Linh Hoang, Sonia Lewycka, Zichen Liu, Ali H Mokdad, Nhung Thi Trang Nguyen, Son Hoang Nguyen, Hai Quang Pham, Nicholas L S RobertsSee the full list of authors

9 April 2021

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