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Determinants of lifejacket use among boaters on Lake Albert, Uganda: a qualitative study
Frederick Oporia, Simon P S Kibira, Jagnoor Jagnoor, Fred Nuwaha, Fredrick Edward Makumbi, Tonny Muwonge, Lesley Rose Ninsiima, Kjell Torén, John Bosco Isunju, Olive Kobusingye

21 July 2022

Relationship between age, workplace slips and the effectiveness of slip-resistant footwear among healthcare workers
Gillian Frost, Mark Liddle, Sarah Cockayne, Rachel Cunningham-Burley, Caroline Fairhurst, David J Torgerson, , On behalf of the SSHeW trial team, Sarah Cockayne, Caroline Fairhurst, Michael Zand, Gillian Frost, Mark Liddle, Rachel Cunningham-Burley, Catherine HewittSee the full list of authors

20 May 2022

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