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Child pedestrian and cyclist injuries, and the built and social environment across Canadian cities: the Child Active Transportation Safety and the Environment Study (CHASE)
Linda Rothman, Naomi Schwartz, Marie-Soleil Cloutier, Meghan Winters, Colin Macarthur, Brent E Hagel, Alison K Macpherson, Nisrine El Amiri, Pamela Fuselli, Andrew William Howard

20 January 2022

Relationship between age, workplace slips and the effectiveness of slip-resistant footwear among healthcare workers
Gillian Frost, Mark Liddle, Sarah Cockayne, Rachel Cunningham-Burley, Caroline Fairhurst, David J Torgerson, , On behalf of the SSHeW trial team, Sarah Cockayne, Caroline Fairhurst, Michael Zand, Gillian Frost, Mark Liddle, Rachel Cunningham-Burley, Catherine HewittSee the full list of authors

12 April 2022

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