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SSRI use and risk of fractures among perimenopausal women without mental disorders
Yi-han Sheu, Amy Lanteigne, Til Stürmer, Virginia Pate, Deborah Azrael, Matthew Miller

24 November 2015

Patterns of vulnerability to non-fatal injuries in Sudan: initial evidence from a national cross-sectional survey
Safa Abdalla, Mohammed Ali Yahia Elabassi, Igbal Ahmed Bashir, Muna Hassan Mustafa, Nahed Abdelgadeir, Amal Khedir, Rania Moawia, Khalda Khalid, Lyla Mahdi, Alawia Ali, Ali Ibrahim Ali, Adil Mohammed Ali, Raja Babiker, Nisrin Elamin, Mohammed AhmedSee the full list of authors

17 September 2014

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