Table 3

Proposed process to set up an LRK crash data system

Step numberActivity
1Confirm objectives and desired output of the LRK methodology and review available routinely collected crash-related data
2Recruit LRK coordinator or allocate this role to a member of the project team
3Coordinator checks the feasibility of establishing LRKs:
  • Can permission be obtained from relevant authorities?

  • Is finding suitable LRKs realistic?

  • Is the local community receptive to the idea of LRKs?

4Design the LRK crash recording form and draft the LRK responsibilities
5Design the data capture and follow-up process, including system requirements, project timeline and budget
6Select and recruit the LRKs
7Train the LRKs and pilot the crash recording form, data capture and follow-up processes
8Collect the crash data with regular support and feedback from the LRK coordinator
9Format data and apply quality control measures where necessary
10Analyse crash data
11Manage the end of the LRK data collection process
  • LRK, local record keeper.