Table 1

Description of how each construct of the HAPA was covered in the questionnaire

HAPA constructn questionsCoachesPresentation
Motivational phase
 Injury risk perceptions2AllIPEP users vs non-users
 Outcome expectancies2AllIPEP users vs non-users
 Action self-efficacy2All (one question)
KC+users (one question)
IPEP users vs non-users
 Intention to maintain use of Knee Control+ 1KC+usersDescriptive
Goal-pursuit phase
 Action planning1KC+usersDescriptive
 Maintenance self-efficacy1KC+usersDescriptive
 Coping planning1KC+usersDescriptive
 Recovery self-efficacy1KC+usersDescriptive
  • All questions were rated on a 1–7 Likert scale. ‘IPEP users’ include coaches who used Knee Control, Knee Control+ or the 11+.

  • HAPA, Health Action Process Approach; IPEP, injury prevention exercise programme; KC+, Knee Control+.