Table 3

Responses from coaches who had used Knee Control+ during the 2021 season

Users Knee Control+
Motivational phase
Action self-efficacy
  My practical ability to use Knee Control+ with my team is… (inadequate–adequate) 6.0 (2.0)
  I intend to prioritise continuous Knee Control+ use in my team next season… (do not agree–agree) 7.0 (1.0)
Goal-pursuit phase
Action planning
  I have concrete plans for how to instruct the players when using Knee Control+ (do not agree–agree) 5.0 (3.0)
Maintenance self-efficacy
  I believe I will be able to continue using Knee Control+ in my team next season… (do not agree–agree) 7.0 (1.0)
Coping planning
  I have plans for how to work around barriers for continued Knee Control+use… (do not agree–agree) 5.0 (3.0)
Recovery self-efficacy
  If my team stops using Knee Control+, I am certain that we can start using it again… (do not agree–agree) 7.0 (1.0)
  • Health Action Process Approach constructs in bold. The respective questions are presented in italics.

  • Values are median (IQR). The table is based on responses from 101 coaches (out of 143 Knee Control+users, 10 did not receive these questions since they had stopped using Knee Control+, the other 32 ended the survey prematurely).