Table 3

First-round results: participant (n=134) selection of concepts for inclusion in the definition

Component of definitionn%
(1) Drowning prevention is
 a concept or practice32.24
 a multidisciplinary approach8361.94
 a public health approach2115.67
 an approach64.48
 any action2115.67
(2) That aims to (multiple choices allowed)
 reduce risk and build resilience7354.48
 address drowning hazards, exposures and vulnerabilities9570.90
 implement measures6951.49
(3) To protect
 a person21.49
 an individual, community or population11988.81
(4) Against
 fatal and non-fatal submersion2317.16
 fatal and non-fatal submersion, and other injuries6347.02
(5) In
 a body of water2921.64
 a liquid2317.1
 In, on or around a body of water8261.19