Table 2

The risk of fall and injurious falls per person bed-day, intervention unit versus control units

Intervention unitControl unitsHR, unadjustedHR, adjusted
Fall events3234140.72 (0.42 to 1.23)0.93 (0.63 to 1.38)
Injurious events951150.76 (0.44 to 1.30)0.87 (0.55 to 1.37)
Person bed-days90 73585 718
  • HRs are based on Andersen-Gill proportional hazards models estimated using data from 193 individuals. Multivariable models are adjusted for age, sex, body mass index, room type, time of day, activity type, cognitive ability, visual impairment, walking ability, history of falls, and the use of sedatives and antidepressants. The 95% CIs that account for individual clustering and uncertainty from the imputation of missing data are shown in parentheses.