Table 4

OR estimates of the interaction of alcohol and cannabis use on injury

Biological measure
Self-report or biological measure (obs†=962)Biological measure or self-report if missing (obs†=962)
OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
Only alcohol5.30*(2.90 to 9.70)3.39*(1.73 to 6.64)6.02*(3.29 to 10.99)3.34*(1.93 to 5.77)
Only cannabis0.72(0.27 to 1.98)0.72(0.31 to 1.70)2.06(0.90 to 4.70)0.67(0.29 to 1.53)
Both5.71*(1.53 to 21.26)0.62(0.06 to 5.99)8.59*(2.45 to 30.15)3.19(0.82 to 12.40)
RERI0.69(−15.2 to 16.6)−2.49(−5.2 to 0.2)1.51(−25.1 to 28.2)0.18(−10.1 to 10.5)
  • Multiple matching estimates.

  • ORs were estimated using conditional logistic regression.

  • *P<0.05.

  • obs are the number of case and control periods used in each model.

  • RERI, relative excess risk due to interaction.