Table 3

Select circumstances associated with paediatric firearm-related homicide among NHW vs NHB (Ref) decedents, NVDRS 2014–2018

OR95% CIOR adjusted*95% CI adjusted*
 Argument or conflict led to death0.50.3 to to 1.0
 Family relationship problem1.30.5 to to 3.9
 Gang motivated0.040.01 to to 0.1
 Bystander0.60.3 to to 0.6
Suspect/perpetrator was a caregiver3.92.6 to to 5.2
 Drive by0.20.07 to to 0.4
 Drug involvement1.91.2 to to 4.3
 Homicide-Suicide2.71.8 to to 7.4
  • *Adjusted for age and sex.