Table 1

Cause of death categorisation for road injuries according to the Global Burden of Disease study 2019

Cause of deathCategorisation codeDefinition
Pedestrian road injuryC.1.1.1Death or disability due to collision as a pedestrian on the road with an automobile, motorcycle, pedal cycle or other vehicles.
Pedal cycle (cyclist) road injuryC.1.1.2Death or disability resulting from an unintentional incident as a cyclist or passenger on a pedal cycle.
Motorised vehicle with two wheels (motorcyclist) road injuryC.1.1.3Death or disability that is caused by being a rider or passenger on a motorcycle or motorbike.
Motorised vehicle with three or more wheels (motor vehicle) road injuryC.1.1.4Death or disability occurring as the result of being a driver or passenger in a motor vehicle.
‘Other road injury’C.1.1.5Death or disability resulting from being a driver or passenger of a vehicle not including automobiles, motorcycles or bicycles.
‘Other road injury’ constitutes animal-rider or occupant of animal-drawn vehicle injuries also an occupant of streetcar injured in transport injury.