Table 3


n%n%P value
In-hospital mortality82.7441.70.229
Required critical care5819.837114.60.019
Median critical care LOS (IQR)3.5 (1–9.5)4 (1-9)0.441
Median hospital LOS (IQR)6 (4-12)6 (4-10)0.435
Discharge destinationHome (Own or relative/carer)24182.3203280.10.372
Other hospital3712.632212.70.977
Rehabilitation facility72.41405.50.022
  • Data presented as n, percentage unless otherwise indicated. P values indicate comparisons between E-Scooter and bicycle groups: categorical data (χ2 test) and continuous data (Mann-Whitney U test).

  • LOS, length of stay.