Table 3

Overall medical attention and time-loss injury incidence rates in 2018 (estimated) and 2019 (actual)

2018 (807 players)2019 (906 players)IR95% CIP value
nIP%I95% CInIP%I95% CI
All injuriesma9011.230.924.5–37.39710.728.422.8–34.10.920.7 to 1.20.56
t-l8911.030.624.2–36.9839.224.319.1–29.50.790.6 to 1.10.13
Head injuriesma384.713.18.9–17.2475.213.89.8– to 1.60.81
t-l374.612.78.6–16.8364.310.57.1–140.830.5 to 1.30.42
SRC263.28.95.5–12.4212.36.13.5–8.80.690.4 to 1.20.20
  • I, incidence rate per 1000 hours; IP%, n/total registered players; IR, incidence rate ratio; ma, medical attention; SRC, sport-related concussion; t-l, time-loss.