Table 2

Response rates in participation records and end-of-cohort survey

Child safety topicPDSAsMonthly reportsMeetingsLearning sessionsEnd-of-cohort survey
Motor vehicle traffic safety (n=6)66.7%100%100%100%66.7%
Unintentional poisoning prevention (n=3)33.3%100%100%100%100%
Suicide and self-harm prevention (n=7)42.9%100%100%100%85.7%
Sudden unexpected infant death prevention (n=7)28.6%100%100%100%71.4%
Bullying prevention (n=3)0.0%100%100%66.7%33.3%
Total (N=26)38.5%100%100%96.2%73.1%
  • Note: Response rates were calculated based on submission of at least one PDSA, submission of at least 1 monthly report, attendance at a minimum of one meeting and attendance at a minimum of one learning session during cohort 1.

  • PDSA, plan-do-study-act.