Table 3

Subgroup analyses of the proportion of ice cleat users among unexposed and exposed respondents and the adjusted association between ice cleat distribution programmes and self-reported ice cleat use based on linear probability models

SubgroupProportion of ice cleat users among the unexposed (65+ years)Proportion of ice cleat users among the exposed (65+ years)Adjusted probability difference (exposed vs unexposed)Sample size
Age group
 65–69 years0.4710.5460.034 (−0.024 to 0.093)7255
 70–74 years0.5410.6500.053 (−0.006 to 0.112)6197
 75–79 years0.5700.7160.091 (0.025 to 0.157)4454
 Men0.4020.5260.101 (0.057 to 0.145)29 634
 Women0.6280.7320.053 (0.018 to 0.089)33 600
Educational attainment
 Postsecondary education0.5530.6440.065 (0.007 to 0.124)22 190
 Secondary education or lower0.5090.6240.076 (0.042 to 0.109)41 044
Place of birth
 Sweden0.5340.6330.069 (0.034 to 0.104)54 582
 Other0.4170.5970.109 (0.035 to 0.184)8652
  • Notes: Analyses were adjusted for place of birth (native, non-native), educational attainment (postsecondary education, no postsecondary education), sex, age (in 5-year age groups, except 18–24 years), survey and municipality fixed effects. Cluster-robust 95% CI (clustered by municipality) are presented in parentheses. The subgroups were modeled separately.