Table 5

Firearm details

Among all respondents (n=202)*…n (%)
Firearm access/ownership†
 Access, owner170 (84.2)
 Access, not owner9 (4.5)
 Purchased, in waiting period5 (2.5)
 Intends to purchase2 (1.0)
 No known access12 (5.9)
Work-related firearm access‡8 (4.0)
Any firearm removal pursuant to GVRO‡113 (55.9)
Any known firearms not recovered‡24 (11.9)
Among respondents with removals (n=113)…
Total firearms removed653
 Median (25th–75th pctl) no. firearms removed/person2 (1, 4)
Undocumented firearms recovered§
 Yes27 (23.9)
 No78 (69.0)
Cases with additional firearms not recovered‡13 (11.5)
Type of firearms removed
 Any handguns
  Yes96 (85.0)
  No13 (11.5)
 Any long guns
  Yes53 (46.9)
  No54 (47.8)
 Any assault-type weapons
  Yes33 (29.2)
  No73 (64.6)
Mechanism of firearm recovery
 Law enforcement97 (85.8)
 Licensed firearm dealer9 (8.0)
  • *201 unique respondents; one person had two distinct GVROs. Percentages are calculated with unknown (missing) values in the denominator.

  • †Categories are mutually exclusive. Individuals were classified according to the most proximal ownership/access category that applied.

  • ‡These were coded as (1) if present and otherwise left blank (0), so we can’t distinguish between ‘no’ and ‘unknown’.

  • §Undocumented firearms are those that the State did not know the respondent possessed (based on firearm transaction records).

  • GVRO, gun violence restraining order.