Table 1

Characteristics of collisions registered by AXA insurance in Mexico City, 2015–2019

Number (n)Percentage
Total traffic collisions347 259100
Collisions resulting in injury31 6789.12
Type of vehicle involved
 Automobile295 05484.97
 Truck45 45313.09
 Light truck3 5281.02
 Motorcycle1 6670.48
 Not available1 5570.45
Level of vehicle damage
 Low164 51347.37
 Medium5 4961.58
 High1 0010.29
 No damage*143 31741.27
 Not reported32 9329.48
Deaths due to road traffic collisions†4 669100
  • *Claim adjusters record ‘no damage’ when the collision results in superficial damages such as paint marks or scratches (Personal Communication, Olvera O, AXA Mexico).

  • †From vital registration data 2013–2019.