Table 5

ICD-10 codes for participants at F-up1 (n=2905; 2019–2021)

ICD-10*, chapter XIXICD-10, chapter XX
S0–S10 Freq. (%†)T Freq. (%)V0–V7 Freq. (%)
S0 (head)266 (33.8)T (multiple organs)47 (1.6)V0 (pedestrian)521 (26.7)
S1 (neck)19 (2.4)V1 (pedal cyclist)36 (1.8)
S2 (thorax)77 (9.8)V2 (motorcycle rider)528 (27.1)
S3 (abdomen, lower back, lumbar spine and pelvis)192 (24.4)V3 (3-wheeled motor vehicle occupant)1 (0.1)
S4 (upper arm and shoulder)26 (3.3)V4 (car occupant)786 (40.3)
S5 (forearm and elbow)32 (4.1)V5 (pickup truck occupant)43 (2.2)
S6 (wrist and hand)17 (2.2)V6 (heavy vehicle occupant)27 (1.4)
S7 (hip and thigh)43 (5.5)V7 (bus occupant)7 (0.4)
S8 (knee and lower leg)95 (12.1) Total1949 (100)
S9 (ankle and foot)21 (2.7)
 Total788 (100)
  • *International Classification of Diseases version 10.

  • †Proportion in cleaned data (excluding missing values).