Table 2

List of data elements used in linkage process, by data source

Data elementData source
Driver licensingCrash-involved drivers/pedestrians/pedalcyclistsCrash-involved passengers*Birth certificateDeath certificateHospital dischargeCHOP EHR
Name (first, middle initial, last)XXXXXXX
Date of birthXXXXXXX
Residence street nameXXXXXXX
Residence ZIP codeXXXXXX
Social Security NumberXX
Driver licence numberXX
(drivers only)
Date of deathXXXX
Event date†XXXXX
Event municipality†XXX
  • *Identifiable data elements for passengers are only available beginning with 2009 crashes.

  • †Depending on data source, represents exact date or location of crash, death or hospitalisation.

  • CHOP, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; EHR, electronic health record.