Table 1

Characteristics of selected studies

StudyCountryStudy designNumber of sitesPrimary data sourceTime periodSample sizeCritical appraisal
Peer-reviewed publications
Trivedi et al 201916 USARetrospective2Medical chartsSeptember 2017–August 2018249Good
Störmann et al 202015 GermanyProspective2Prospective data collectionJuly 2019–March 202076Good
Mitchell et al 201913 AustraliaRetrospective1Medical chartsNovember 2018–January 201954Good
Liew et al 202028 SingaporeRetrospective1Medical charts2015–201636Good
Kobayashi et al 201912 USARetrospectiveMultipleMedical chartsSeptember 2017–October 2018103Good
Brownson et al 201911 New ZealandRetrospective1Medical chartsOctober 2018–February 2019180Good
Blomberg et al 20194 DenmarkRetrospectiveMultipleMedical chartsJanuary 2016–July 2019130Good
Beck et al 2019New ZealandRetrospective1Medical chartsJanuary 2018–February 2018 and January 2019–February 201954Good
Bauer et al 202010 USARetrospective1Medical chartsOctober 2018–October 201961Good
Puzio et al 202014 USARetrospective2Medical chartsSeptember 2018–November 201892Fair
Badeau et al 201932 USARetrospective2Medical chartsJune 2017–November 2017 and June 2018–November 201850Good
Namiri et al 20203 USARetrospectiveMultipleNEISS2014–2018988Fair
Aizpuru et al 20199 USARetrospectiveMultipleNEISS2013–2017820Fair
Bresler et al 201923 USARetrospectiveMultipleNEISS2008–2017990Fair
Farley et al 202047 USARetrospectiveMultipleNEISS2014–20191823Fair
Yarmohammadi et al 202020 USARetrospective2Medical chartsJune 2018–May 201934Fair
Faraji et al 202021 USARetrospective1Medical chartsApril 2018–September 2019203Good
Trivedi et al 201922 USARetrospective1Medical chartsJuly 2018–January 201990Good
Siow et al 202029 USARetrospective1Medical chartsNovember 2017–January 2020486Good
Ishmael et al 202033 USARetrospective2Medical chartsSeptember 2017–August 201973Fair
Dhillon et al 202027 USARetrospectiveMultipleMedical chartsJanuary 2018–December 201887Good
Nellamattathil et al 202031 USARetrospectiveMultipleMedical chartsSeptember 2017–December 201854Good
Mayhew and Bergin 201930 New ZealandRetrospective1Medical chartsAugust 2018–December 201864Fair
English et al 202018 USAProspective2Interviews and medical chartsSeptember 2018–November 2018124Good
Hennocq et al 202024 FranceProspective and retrospective2Interviews and medical chartsJanuary 2017–October 2019125Good
Kim et al 202025 South KoreaRetrospective1Medical chartsJanuary 2017–March 2020256Good
Oksanen et al 202026 FinlandRetrospective1Medical charts201923Good
Shiffler et al 202019 USARetrospectiveMultipleDatabase2017–2019165Good
Grey literature (non-journal reports)
Pearson et al 201935 AustraliaRetrospectiveNRNRNovember 2018–February 201982
Hojjat et al 201936 USARetrospectiveMultipleNEISS2013–20173458 a
Beck et al 202037 New ZealandRetrospective1Medical charts2018–201956
Changand Diamond 201938 USARetrospectiveMultipleNEISS2013–2017444
Allen et al 201939 USARetrospectiveNRMedical chartsSeptember 2018–November 2018200
Sedor and Caswell 201940 CanadaNRNRNRJuly 2019–August 201933
Austin Public Health Unit 201917 USARetrospectiveNRInterviewsSeptember 2018–November 2019192
City of Santa Monica 201941 USANRNRNRJanuary 2017–September 2019NR
Cicchino et al 202034 USAProspective1InterviewsMarch 2019–September 2019103
  • NEISS, National Electronic Injury Surveillance System; NR, not reported.