Table 1

Analytical framework for the qualitative analysis of survey respondents’ and social media users’ comments on the SafeTea campaign and materials

Reach Professionals proactivity in spreading the SafeTea messagesAny comments by professionals about how they used the SafeTea materials to deliver the intervention in their own settings and spread the SafeTea messages to their colleagues and to parents/caregivers of young children. Any comments on social media promoting the campaign or encouraging others to interact with (eg, share) SafeTea posts.
Longevity of the SafeTea campaignAny comments by professionals regarding the continued use of the SafeTea materials after the end of the 3-month campaign.
Professionals use of initiative in spreading the SafeTea messagesAny remarks by professionals about actions they have taken in order to continue using the materials to deliver the intervention and spread the SafeTea messages in their own settings.
Engagement Parent’s and children’s engagement with the SafeTea interventionAny comments regarding parent’s and children’s interest in taking part in interactive demonstrations or engaging with the printed materials.
Components of the SafeTea intervention (printed materials, activities, videos) that parents and professionals were most engaged withAny comments about which of the SafeTea materials or components of the intervention that professionals and parents/caregivers were most engaged with and why. Any remarks by professionals regarding the practicality of delivering the SafeTea intervention to parents/caregivers in their own settings.
Acceptability Parents and professionals opinions of the SafeTea campaign and materialsAny comments regarding parents and professionals opinions (positive or negative) of the SafeTea campaign or materials.
Clarity and comprehensibility of content in SafeTea materialsAny remarks about the clarity of the information and messages conveyed in the SafeTea materials and how easy the SafeTea materials are to understand.
Use of SafeTea materials for facilitating communication between professionals and parentsAny comments about the role of the SafeTea campaign in helping professionals to convey key burns prevention and first aid messages to parents/caregivers of young children.
Suggestions for improvementAny comments about the ways in which the SafeTea campaign could be improved.
Impact/behavioural change Awareness/education of the risk of scalds to young children from hot drinks and of appropriate burn first aidAny remarks about whether the SafeTea campaign has raised parents’ awareness of the risk of hot drink scalds to young children or succeeded in educating parents about the risks, and about appropriate burn first aid.
Knowledge of correct burn first aid practicesAny remarks about whether the SafeTea campaign has affected parents’ knowledge of the correct burn first aid to administer in the event of a burn.
Responses to the SafeTea materials and messagesAny comments regarding parents’ reactions to the SafeTea materials, or about how the SafeTea campaign has affected parents and professionals behaviour with hot drinks around children.