Table 3

Details of probabilistic linkage process in LinkSolv V.9.0

Linkage specifications
Construct Set at:
False positive rate0.01
Cut-off probability0.60
Join criteria Pass 1 data elements Pass 2 data elements
Date of birthAge
Initial letter of first nameInitial letter of first name
SexSoundex of last name*
Match criteria
Data element Comparison method
First name, soundexInList†
Last name, soundexInList
Middle initialInList
Month and day of birthExact
Residential street name, soundexInList
Residential ZIP codeInList
Social Security Number (SSN)Typos, 1‡
Driver licence numberInList
Age at deathExact
Event dateInList
Event municipalityInList
  • *Soundex is a phonetic algorithm for indexing names by sound, as pronounced in English.26

  • †The InList comparison method (LinkSolv V.9.0 (2015 Strategic Matching)) allows a single value in one record to be compared with multiple, concatenated values in another record. For example, crash-involved driver records had a single driver licence number listed, while the licensing records contained multiple driver licence numbers per person. With this comparison method, the single driver licence number in the crash-involved driver record was compared against each driver licence number in the licensing record.

  • ‡The typos comparison method (LinkSolv V.9.0) allows up to X differences between two values to be considered a match; for example, with X=1 typo specified, the SSN values of 123 456 789 and 723 456 789 would be considered a match.