Table 1

Nosology of child maltreatment using ICD-CM

Effective date(s)ICD-CM versionDescriptionCode
1 October 1996 to 30 September 2015Ninth revisionChild abuse and neglect, unspecified995.50
Emotional abuse995.51
Neglect (nutritional)995.52
Sexual abuse995.53
Physical abuse995.54
Shaken infant syndrome995.55
Multiple forms995.59
1 October 2015 to current10th revisionNeglect or abandonment, confirmedT74.0
Neglect or abandonment, suspectedT76.0
Physical abuse, confirmedT74.1
Physical abuse, suspectedT76.1
Sexual abuse, confirmedT74.2
Sexual abuse, suspectedT76.2
Psychological abuse, confirmedT74.3
Psychological abuse, suspectedT76.3
Shaken infant syndrome, initial encounterT74.4
Unspecified maltreatment, confirmedT74.9
Unspecified maltreatment, suspectedT76.9
  • ICD-CM, International Classification of Disease and Related Health Problems, Clinical Modification.