Table 2

Association between firearm ownership status and perceived risk of personal firearm injury among firearm owners (n=429), 2018 California Safety and Well-being Survey

uOR95% CIaOR95% CI
Firearm storage
 Moderately secure1.530.56 to 4.211.550.56 to 4.26
 Most secure0.870.31 to 2.440.910.31 to 2.66
 Least secureRef.--Ref.--
Primary reason for ownership
 Any owned for protection against people1.170.63 to to 2.22
 None owned for protection against peopleRef.--Ref.--
Duration of firearm ownership
 New2.130.80 to 5.671.940.74 to 5.04
  • Perceived risk of personal firearm injury was dichotomised: those very or somewhat worried vs not at all or not too worried (referent) about gun violence happening to them. Results are from survey-weighted logistic regression models. Adjusted results are from a model that includes all variables listed in the table. Respondents with missing values were excluded from the analyses. Firearm owners who stored any firearm at work or someplace else (8.4%) were categorised separately due to an error in the survey prompt; estimates not shown.

  • *p-value<0.05.

  • aOR, adjusted OR; uOR, unadjusted (bivariate) OR.