Table 2

Confounder-adjusted risk ratio by proposed confounder and possible associations between the confounder and suicide on the OR scale equal to 2, 5 and 10.

Mood disorders
 Minor depressive disorder4.444.554.73
 Dysthymic disorder4.394.374.34
 Bipolar I disorder4.384.334.26
 Bipolar II disorder4.384.324.22
Anxiety disorders
 Generalised anxiety disorder4.404.384.37
 Panic disorder
 Social phobia4.384.344.32
 Separation anxiety disorder4.454.584.72
 Specific phobia4.494.654.77
 Posttraumatic stress disorder4.354.214.04
Behavioural disorders
 Attention deficit disorder4.374.314.23
 Oppositional defiant disorder4.354.244.14
Eating disorders
 Anorexia nervosa4.404.384.36
 Bulimia nervosa4.424.474.55
 Suicidal ideation4.324.174.04
 Suicide plan or attempt4.334.173.99
Maternal mental health
 Mother sad/depressed4.494.644.75
 Mother had drinking problem4.364.254.12
 Mother attempted suicide4.374.274.13
 Mother treated for depression4.394.374.35
 Mother treated for substance use4.374.304.20
Joint confounding
 Assuming biases from above-listed confounders were independent4.223.573.10
  • Results across the fuller continuum of possible confounder-suicide associations are presented in the online supplementary figure