Table 1

Global Burden of Disease cause-of-injury hierarchy

Transport injuriesUnintentional injuriesSelf-harm and interpersonal violenceForces of nature, conflict and terrorism and executions and police conflict
Road injuriesFallsSelf-harmExposure to forces of nature
Pedestrian road injuriesDrowningSelf-harm by firearmConflict and terrorism
Cyclist road injuriesFire, heat and hot substancesSelf-harm by other specified meansExecutions and police conflict
Motorcyclist road injuriesPoisoningsInterpersonal violence
Motor vehicle road injuriesPoisoning by carbon monoxideAssault by firearm
Other road injuriesPoisoning by other meansAssault by sharp object
Other transport injuriesExposure to mechanical forcesAssault by other means
Unintentional firearm injuries
Unintentional suffocation
Other exposure to mechanical forces
Adverse effects of medical treatment
Animal contact
Venomous animal contact
Non-venomous animal contact
Foreign body
Pulmonary aspiration and foreign body in airway
Foreign body in eyes
Foreign body in other body part
Environmental heat and cold exposure
Other unintentional injuries