Table 6

Short-term disability weights for each nature of injury

Nature of injuryShort-term disability weight
Spinal cord lesion at neck level0.7319
Spinal cord lesion below neck level0.6235
Foreign body in respiratory system0.4079
Lower airway burns0.3764
Severe chest Injury0.3685
Internal haemorrhage in abdomen and pelvis0.3242
Burns, ≥20% total burned surface area or ≥10% burned surface area if head/neck or hands/wrist involved without lower airway burns0.3145
Fracture of pelvis0.2788
Fracture of hip0.2575
Multiple fractures, dislocations, crashes, wounds, sprains and strains0.2575
Drowning and non-fatal submersion0.2471
Moderate TBI0.2137
Poisoning requiring urgent care0.1628
Burns, <20% total burned surface area without lower airway burns0.1408
Effect of different environmental factors0.1334
Complications following therapeutic procedures0.1334
Crush injury0.1325
Foreign body in GI and urogenital system0.1143
Dislocation of knee0.1134
Fracture of femur, other than femoral neck0.1114
Fracture of vertebral column0.1106
Minor TBI0.11
Fracture of sternum and/or fracture of one or more ribs0.1027
Nerve injury0.0997
Fracture of skull0.0714
Fracture of face bones0.0669
Dislocation of shoulder0.062
Injury to eyes0.0543
Fracture of patella, tibia or fibula or ankle0.0501
Fracture of clavicle, scapula or humerus0.0349
Fracture of radius and/or ulna0.0281
Fracture of foot bones except ankle0.026
Dislocation of hip0.0159
Foreign body in ear0.0133
Fracture of hand (wrist and other distal part of hand)0.0099
Muscle and tendon injuries, including sprains and strains lesser dislocations0.0075
Contusion in any part of the body0.0075
Superficial injury of any part of the body0.0075
Open wound(s)0.0058
  • GI, gastrointestinal; TBI, traumatic brain injury.