Table 4

PPV for TBI based on a review of ED records with traumatic intracranial injury ICD-10-CM codes*, by study site

Study sitesOne shock trauma, one ED in referral centres (Maryland)
Two EDs in university system
EDs in level I, II, III trauma hospitals
EDs in all acute care hospitals
Level of certainty of TBICount%Count%Count%Count%
Highest + medium levels41891.731682.132385.933486.1
All levels of certainty43595.335993.335995.537596.6
No TBI documentation194.2266.8174.5133.4
  • *Intracranial injury ICD-10-CM codes began with ‘S06’ and ‘A’ in seventh character of the code or missing.

  • †The proportion of highest certainty of TBI is statistically significant by study site. Χ2=44.8266, p<0.0001.

  • ‡Nine of the 385 sampled medical records in Colorado indicated that the patient was not a state resident, was not discharged home, did not have an injury event or was admitted as an inpatient and is not included in this table.

  • ED, emergency department; ICD-10-CM, International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification; TBI, traumatic brain injury.