Table 3

The core variables of IDB-FDS*

Patient dataSpecific data
  • Age and gender

  • Place of residence

  • Date of injury

  • Date of treatment

  • Nature of injury

  • Part of body injured

  • Assignment to further treatment

  • Injury mechanism

  • Place of occurrence

  • Activity when injured

  • Types of sports, when sport

  • Object/agent triggering the injury

  • Object agent causing the injury

  • Other involvement of an agent

  • Details on road accidents

  • Details on acts of violence

  • Details on acts of self-harm

  • Narrative (120 characters)

  • National add-ons: eg, use of personal protective equipment, medication

  • Bold text highlights the capacity of the system to code different ways an object can be involved in an injury.

  • *Based on Kisser et al.29

  • FDS, full data set; IDB, injury data base.