Table 1

Search terms used for literature review

Search terms
Accident databaseInjury databaseEU accident database
EU injury databaseConsumer products safety information databaseConsumer products safety information
Injury surveillanceData collection systems on injuries and accidentsProduct-related injuries
Accident monitoring systemAccident surveillanceAccident AND consumer products
Accident AND data collection systemAccident and market surveillanceAccident AND product safety
Injury AND consumer productsInjury AND data collection systemInjury AND product safety
Consumer products AND accidentConsumer products AND injuryConsumer products AND database
Consumer products AND injury surveillanceConsumer products AND surveillanceDatabase AND product safety
Morbidity AND product safetyMortality AND product safetyInjury AND consumer product AND database
Injury AND product safety AND databaseConsumer product AND injury AND databaseConsumer product AND accident AND database
Accident AND product safety AND EUInjury AND product safety AND EUInjury database AND EU accident database AND EU