Table 1

Description of days without and with adverse water events

Days without events* (n=455)Days with events (n=108)Days without events (n=513)Days with events (n=104)
Wave factor†, m×s11.35.6–14.610.36.5–12.911.35.4–14.414.58.0–18.0
Wave incidence factor‡0.800.69–0.990.890.85–0.990.800.74–0.970.880.83–0.97
Cloud cover (0–4)§2.82.0––3.0
Air temperature, °C21.619.2–23.925.223.3–26.621.519.0–24.025.523.0–27.0
Water temperature, °C19.017.6–20.921.320.3–22.518.016.0–20.020.320.0–21.0
Wind speed¶, m/s7.05.3––––5.5
Season**, n (%)
Type of day, n (%)
  • Meteorological and wave conditions (medians and quartiles) and the characteristics of days on which rescues and/or drownings occurred along the Gironde coast of southwestern France.

  • *Events include rescues and drownings.

  • †Wave factor: wave height (m) times wave period (s).

  • ‡The wave incidence factor ranges from 0 to 1; see equation (1).

  • §Forecast values not shown because of differences in the modes of data measurement.

  • ¶Significant differences between observed and forecast data.

  • **High season: 15 June to 15 September.