Table 1

Total counts and mean daily counts of MVCs, comparing pre-stay-at-home to post-stay-at-home order stratified by crash type and number of vehicles, 2020

Outcome modelsPre-stay-at-homePost-stay-at-homePer cent change, total countsPer cent change, mean daily countsDifference, mean daily counts
Total countsMean daily countsTotal countsMean daily countsP value
All type crashes21 026256.44509115.61−78−54.9 <0.000
 Single386647.1140035.89−63−23.9 0.013
 Multiple17 160209.2310979.7−81−61.9 <0.000
Any injury crash485959.2110828.4−77−52 <0.000
 Single117214.239710.1−66−28.8 <0.000
 Multiple368744.971118.2−80−59.5 <0.000
Non-injury crash16 120196.5338086.6−79−55.9 <0.000
 Multiple13 454164.07239061.2−82−62.6 <0.000
Fatal crash470.573210.538−55−6.10.801
Vehicle miles travelled18.0110.23−43 <0.000
  • T-test for statistical independence used for p values. Preperiod from 1 January to 22 March; postperiod from 23 March to 23 April 30. Vehicle miles travelled presented per 100 million VMT. Single refers to single vehicle crash; multiple refers to MVC.

  • Bold Values note statistical significance <=0.05.