Table 2

Sample of data registers from different sectors of activity

Public healthcare-related registers
  1. The European Injury Database–Full Data Set

  2. Consumer Accident Monitoring (PL)

  3. Major Trauma Audit Methodology

  4. Odense University Hospital‘s Accident Analysis Group (DK)

  5. Enquête Permanente sur les Accidents de la vie Courante (FR)

  6. Observatorie MAVIE (My Life) (FR)

  7. Emergency department injury surveillance system (EL)

  8. Dutch Injury Surveillance System–Letsel Informatie Systeem (LIS)

  9. Dutch Hospital Discharge Registry (HDR) for hospitalised patients

  10. Trauma Audit and Research Network (TARN) (UK)

  11. The International Burn Injury Database (iBID) (UK)

  12. Global WHO Mortality Database

  13. European detailed mortality database (DMDB) (WHO)

  14. Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) (UK)

  15. European Health for All database (HFA DB)

  16. All Wales Injury Surveillance System (AWISS)

  17. National Information System on Health Infrastructure in the Domain of Primary Care (HR)

  18. National hospital care register (HILMO) (FI)

  19. TraumaRegister (DGU) (DE)

  20. Diagnoses Related Groups (DRG) (RO)

  21. Boulogne–Billancourt childhood injury database (FR)

  22. Styrian Injury Surveillance System (AT)

  23. Kind en Gezin, Regional project in Flanders (BE)

  24. Susy Safe Project–foreign body injury database (coord IT)

Product-specific databases
  1. Database for ‘Dangerous Products in Germany’

  2. Toy manufacturer: BRIO AB toy Industry (SE)

  3. Cosmetovigilance System (EU)

  4. RAPEX

  5. VARO system (FI)

Road safety
  1. Community Road Accident Database-CARE (EU)

  2. STRADA—Swedish Traffic Accident Data Acquisition

  3. Polish Road Safety Observatory Database

  4. STATS19—personal injury road traffic accidents (UK)

  5. Central Database for in-depth analysis of road accidents (ZEDATU) (AT)

  6. German In-Depth Accident Study(GIDAS)

  7. Statistical database of traffic accidents—MALIS (ES)

  8. International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group—IRTAD

  9. Traffic accidents register—IPRVIS (LV)

Firefighters and rescue services
  1. Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)—IDA-Database (SE)

  2. Nordstat-fire incidents (DK, FI, IS, NO, SE)

  3. The Online Data Registration and Report System (ODIN) (DK)

  4. Incident Recording System (IRS) (UK)

  1. Corpo Nazionale dei Vigili del fuoco database (IT)

  2. PRONTO (FI)

  3. Information system PÄVIS and supervision information system JÄIS (building fires) (EE)

  4. Norway fire incident reporting system—BRIS

  5. World Fire Statistics—Centre of Fire Statistics

  6. German Fire Protection Association (GFPA)

Occupational safety registers
  1. European Statistics on Accidents at Work (ESAW)

  2. TOT—tutkinta (FI)

  3. Employer's Liability Insurance Association (DE)

  4. Danish Working Environment Authority

  5. Database for monitoring occupational accidents (ES)

  6. National Labour Inspectorate (NLI)–(PL)

  7. Information System for Occupational Injuries—ISA (SE)

  8. The Health and Occupation Research Network (THOR) (UK)

  9. Work accidents database (RO)

  10. Work accident database (HR)

  1. National GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) Injury Database

Poison centres
  1. BfR poison information database (DE)

  2. Poison centres (sample of 8 across EU)

Insurance companies
  1. National Health Insurance Fund-NHIF database ‘Sveidra’ (LT)

  2. The Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) (UK)

  3. Insurance Europe association (EU)

  4. ANIA–Italian Insurers Association

  5. Croatian Insurance Bureau

  6. Polska Izba Ubezpieczeń/Polish Insurance Association

  7. Netherland Insurance Association

  8. German Association of Private Health Insurers

Other registers
  1. ARIA Database of large scale incidents or accidents (FR)

  2. Energy-related Severe Accident Database (ENSAD) (CH)

  3. Hydrogen Incident and Accident Database (HIAD) (EU)

  4. Major Accident Reporting System (eMARS) (EU)

  5. Failure and Accidents Technical information System (FACTS) (global)

  6. Eurostat—injury and fatality statistics

Consumer complaints registers
  1. National registers for complaints (Information received from the CNS survey)

Online news
  1. EMM for retrieving information on unsafe products or accidents