Table 5

Multivariate results for modelling the interaction between CTC phase and injury cause group: medical versus community

Injury type=community injury (ref=medical injury)
RR(95% CI)
All injury admissions
 Phase (phase 0=ref)1(Ref)
 Implementation (phase 1–4)1.00(0.92 to 1.09)
 Completion (phase 5) 0.81 (0.73 to 0.89)
 Second cycle (phase 6)0.91(0.82 to 1.01)
  • The rate ratios are the exponentiated parameter estimates of the interaction variable for CTC phase by injury (medical vs community injury), adjusted for age, sex, socioeconomic index for area remoteness and year. Results statistically significant at p=0.05 are shown in bold font.

  • CTC, Communities That Care.