Table 2

US child-related recalls 2011–2017: fatalities

Global product classificationNoDescription
Household/office furniture/furnishings 22
 Household baby beds/mattresses:
 Baby cots/cot beds/bassinet1Entrapped and suffocated between drop-side of cot and mattress.
 Baby beds/mattresses other6Suffocated between crib bumper and product; unspecified.
 Household beds/mattresses:
 Bed frames/bedsteads (bunk bed)1Entrapped and suffocated in metal bunk frame.
 Household/office fabric/textile furnishings:
 Window blinds1Strangled by blind cord.
 Household/office seating:
 Bean bags/pouffes/ottomans2Suffocated on chair’s foam beads.
 Household/office storage/display furniture/screens:
 Drawers11Dresser tip-over deaths.
Safety/security/surveillance 5
 Baby safety/security/surveillance:
 Baby play pens/dens1Entrapped between the rails of play yard tent.
 Baby safety monitoring (powered)4Strangled by baby safety monitoring cord.
Sports equipment 2
 Baby exercisers/transportation:
 Baby cot/basket (travel)1Suffocated in travel tent.
 Prams/pushchairs/strollers1Entrapped and strangled between the seat and stroller tray.
Toys/game 1
 Indoor/outdoor games/play structures:
 Outdoor play structure1Fractured neck (adult) using pool water slide.
Total fatalities 30