Table 2

Epidemiological profile of unintentional river drowning deaths in Australia on which river drowning scenarios assessed by Delphi participants at phase 4 were based

River drowning scenarion%
River drowning in remote and very remote areas13117.0
Males 55+ and pre-existing medical conditions11815.3
Driving into floodwaters719.2
Females and falls into rivers415.3
Males 55–74 boating incidents263.4
Children 0–4 and falls243.1
Males 18–34 and swimming and recreating with alcohol222.9
Fishing from edge202.6
Males 25–54 years boating and alcohol202.6
Males 15–24 who jump in182.3
  • Note: Data are derived from a total population analysis of unintentional fatal river drowning in Australia between 2002 and 2012, drawn primarily from the National Coronial Information System. These data have been published previously (see ref12).