Table 1

Data collection activities for replication of the Cardiff Model in the US process evaluation

Data collection method and primary area(s) usedSources (n)Data collection focus
Document review
Project proposal, contracts, reports, correspondence, meeting agendas and minutes, presentations, hospital and LE financial recordsIdentifying stakeholders, clarifying context, processes and activities, implementation costs
Cardiff Model Screening Tool
(2), (3)
Cardiff Model partnership consensus decision (inclusive of hospital and LE representatives)Identify useful data fields while decreasing burden on hospital staff
Nurse Satisfaction Survey
ED RNs (n=78; 51% of 153 Cardiff Model trained ED registered nurses)Satisfaction, utility and integration of Cardiff Model data collection screen
Hospital ED triage data
ED triage times (April 2015 vs April 2016 triage chart time data)Impact on total triage time of Cardiff Model data screen inclusion
Hospital administration (n=3)Identifying processes to integrate Cardiff Model into the ED
Hospital implementation team leaders (n=3)Implementation logistics, training, and integration into ED processes
Hospital technology team (n=2)Cardiff Model data collection survey integration into the electronic medical record
Hospital nurse Cardiff Model champions (n=7)Implementation feedback on the data collection survey and training
Injury prevention partnership members (n=8)Capacity building, lessons learnt, use of Cardiff Model data
  • Note: Primary areas used include: (1) collaboration between the hospital and LE to form a community safety partnership; (2) building hospital capacity for data collection; (3) data aggregation and analysis and (4) developing and implementing violence prevention interventions based on the data.

  • ED, emergency department; LE, law enforcement.