Table 1

Description of records excluded from FOMESE

n (%)
Event mechanics*13 (5.44)
Other cause of death or non-pedestrian subject involved
 Strangled1 (0.42)
 Died under beating1 (0.42)
 Cyclist11 (4.60)
 MVC23 (9.62)
 Roll-over17 (7.11)
 Motorcyclist7 (2.93)
Outside of GMA30 (12.55)
Out of age range73 (30.54)
Out of established schedule23 (9.62)
Insufficient data†39 (16.32)
Lost record1 (0.42)
Total239 (100.0)
  • *Refers to event kinematics in which the subject was ejected from the vehicle and was hit by a car.

  • †Insufficient data were the location, date and age.

  • FOMESE, Forensic Medical Service; GMA, Guadalajara Metropolitan Area.