Table 1

Application of the generalisable six-step intervention development process23 to develop the I-PROTECT model

Generalisable six-step intervention development processApplication to develop I-PROTECT model
Step 1Research evidence and clinical experience
  • Literature review.

  • Expertise of the research team.

  • Results from I-PROTECT study 1.

Key stakeholder input throughout all steps
Step 2Consult experts
  • Discipline-specific workshops with experts in physiology/biomechanics and psychology, respectively.

  • Interdisciplinary workshop with experts in physiology/biomechanics and psychology.

Develop first version of I-PROTECT model
Step 3End-user consultation
  •  Results from I-PROTECT study 1.

  •  Workshops with coaches, players, administrators, caregivers and key stakeholders.

Revision of I-PROTECT model
Step 4Test feasibility, acceptability and usability
  •  3–4 weeks of pilot testing in teams led by coaches who participated in step 3.

  •  Qualitative feedback from coaches and players.

Revision of I-PROTECT model
Step 5Evaluate against theory
  •  Evaluate using HAPA and RE-AIM SSM.

Revision of I-PROTECT model
Step 6Feedback from early implementers
  •  One-season feasibility trial with all youth teams in two clubs.

  •  Quantitative and qualitative feedback from coaches, players, administrators and caregivers.

Revision of I-PROTECT model
Final I-PROTECT model
  • HAPA, Health Action Process Approach; I-PROTECT, Implementing injury Prevention training ROutines in TEams and Clubs in youth Team handball; RE-AIM SSM, Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation, and Maintenance Sport Setting Matrix.