Table 1

The characteristics of the leagues participating in the FootyFirst evaluation according to the year and level of implementation support they received

Region 1
Year 1 and year 2
Region 2
Year 1 and year 2
Region 3
Year 2 only
No. of governing/administrative bodies111
No. of clubs and competitions22 clubs in two competitions25 clubs in two competitions31 clubs in three divisions
No promotion/relegation between competitionsNo promotion/relegation between competitionsPromotion/relegation between divisions
No. of teams per club2 (seniors and reserves)2 (seniors and reserves)2 (seniors and reserves)
Approximate no. of registered players‡110012501510
  • *FootyFirst with implementation support.

  • †FootyFirst without implementation support.

  • ‡Based on 25 registered players per team.