Table 1

Description of selected neighbourhood characteristics by census block group (n=653)

Variable by block groupNMinMaxMeanSD
Pedestrian injury count8480401.302.36
Alcohol outlet count6930321.062.13
Population density (per square mile in 1000 residents)095.1613.729.94
Percent of all lots that are vacant (%)049.537.029.65
Median household income (in $1000s)0224.4344.8127.72
Mean daily traffic volume (in 1000 vehicles)0.0733.349.715.13
Walk Score (range: 0–100)269769.1914.90
Physical disorder score (range: 0–12)0.218.894.301.92
Social activity score (range: 0–6)0.443.021.430.50
Roadway infrastructure score (range: 0–8)2.863.773.300.18
Intersection infrastructure score (range: 0–21)1.2910.213.841.96
Distance from downtown (miles)07.53.321.59