Table 2

Opioid overdose events and censoring by randomisation status

GroupTotal NOpioid overdose event status by data source: n (%)Mean days to first overdose event¶
First opioid overdose in UW Medicine*First opioid overdose in CHARS†First opioid overdose fatality in DOH‡Non-overdose fatality in DOH‡No event prior to censoring at study end§
Comparison group12621 (16.7)6 (4.8)6 (4.8)7 (5.6)86 (68.3)836
Intervention group11518 (15.7)4 (3.5)2 (1.7)8 (7.0)83 (72.2)870
Combined24139 (16.2)10 (4.2)8 (3.3)15 (6.2)169 (70.1)852
  • *Local inpatient admission or emergency department visit.

  • †Statewide hospital discharge for inpatient admission or observation visit.

  • ‡Death certificate data, Department of Health.

  • §Available follow-up time: 272–1064 days.

  • ¶Mean is underestimated because the largest observed analysis time is censored.

  • CHARS, Comprehensive Hospital Abstract Reporting System; UW, University of Washington.