Table 3

Annual local healthcare utilisation (all cause) after study enrolment by randomisation status

GroupEmergency department visits*Inpatient admissions
Median annual rateIQRMean annual rate†95% CIMedian annual rateIQRMean annual rate†95% CI
Comparison group2.725.494.853.96 to 5.930.431.501.050.80 to 1.39
Intervention group2.427.354.964.04 to 6.100.391.801.290.95 to 1.76
Combined2.576.934.904.25 to 5.660.411.521.170.95 to 1.44
  • Note: r ate differences between the intervention and comparison groups were not statistically significant.

  • *Regardless of discharge status (may have resulted in inpatient admission).

  • †Mean rate per person-year calculated using negative binomial regression with time at-risk exposure variable for available follow-up time (272–1064 days, censored at death or 31 December 2015).