Table 2

Number of road casualties in NSZs and their control neighbourhoods by year

NSZ/control neighbourhood20092010201120122013201420152016
NSZs implemented in 2012 (4 NSZs)67677268586056
Control neighbourhoods for 2012 NSZs178170177191170177162
NSZs implemented in 2013 (9 NSZs)121129122120115111120
Control neighbourhoods for 2013 NSZs583594603567565559572
NSZs implemented in 2014 (5 NSZs)134136147140154137130
Control neighbourhoods for 2014 NSZs401403418426415417404
NSZs implemented in 2015 (8 NSZs)161178172178173179155
Control neighbourhoods for 2015 NSZs640658646656643676712
  • The road casualties in implementation years of NSZs were not included in the analysis.

  • NSZ, neighbourhood slow zone.