Table 6

Cause, nature and part injury descriptions for student-related injury

Lost-time claimsMedical-only claimsResulting in lost time (%)Total claims*Total student claims (%)
Cause†–mechanism of injury
 Cut, puncture, scrape12260.42279.8
 Exposures to0400.0401.7
 Fall, slip or trip injury209018.21104.8
 Miscellaneous causes1175.6180.8
 Motor vehicle020.020.1
 Striking against or stepping on0140.0140.6
 Struck by12414427.9156667.8
Nature†–injury type
 All other0120.0120.5
 Foreign body060.060.3
 Hearing loss1325.040.2
 Mental and physical2010020.1
 Multiple physical43410.5381.6
 No physical0150.0150.6
Part†–body location
 Lower extremities3126210.629312.7
 Multiple injuries363678.940317.4
 Upper extremities487126.376032.9
  • *All student-related injuries in the data set were examined, including an additional 202 not in the rate and multivariate analysis because they could not be linked to the underlying employee population data.

  • †All claims were assigned a part, nature and cause of injury code by the insurer as part of reporting standard using Workers’ Compensation Insurance Organization codes. Cause and part subcategories were combined.