Table 1

ICD-10 classifications related to drowning deaths6

V90Accident to watercraft causing drowning and submersion
 Incl.: drowning and submersion due to: boat (overturning, sinking), falling or jumping (from burning ship, crushed watercraft), other accident to watercraft
 Excl.: water-transport-related drowning or submersion without accident to watercraft (V92)
V92Water-transport-related drowning and submersion without accident to watercraft
 Incl.: drowning and submersion as a result of an accident, such as: fall (from gangplank, from ship, overboard), thrown overboard by motion of ship, washed overboard
 Excl.: drowning or submersion of swimmer or diver who voluntarily jumps from boat not involved in an accident (W69, W73)
W65Drowning and submersion while in bath-tub
W66Drowning and submersion following fall into bath-tub
W67Drowning and submersion while in swimming-pool
W68Drowning and submersion following fall into swimming-pool
W69Drowning and submersion while in natural water
 Incl.: lake, open sea, river, stream
W70Drowning and submersion following fall into natural water
W73Other specified drowning and submersion
 Incl.: quenching tank, reservoir
W74Unspecified drowning and submersion
 Incl.: drowning NOS, fall into water NOS
X36Victim of avalanche, landslide and other earth movements
 Incl.: mudslide of cataclysmic nature
 Excl.: earthquake (X34), transport accident involving collision with avalanche or landslide not in motion (V01-V99)
X37Victim of cataclysmic storm
 Incl.: blizzard, cloudburst, cyclone, hurricane, tidal wave caused by storm, tornado, torrential rain, transport vehicle washed off road by storm
 Excl.: collapse of dam or man-made structure causing earth movement (X36), transport accident occurring after storm (V01-V99)
X38Victim of flood
 Incl.: flood (arising from remote storm, of cataclysmic nature arising from melting snow, resulting directly from storm)
 Excl.: collapse of dam or man-made structure causing earth movement (X36), tidal wave (NOS (X39), caused by storm (X37))
X39Exposure to other and unspecified forces of nature
 Incl.: natural radiation NOS, tidal wave NOS
 Excl.: exposure NOS (X59.9), tsunami (X34.1)
X71Intentional self-harm by drowning and submersion
X92Assault by drowning and submersion
Y21Drowning and submersion, undetermined intent
  • ICD-10, International Classification of Diseases 10th revision; NOS, not otherwise specified.