Table 3

Incidence rate ratio among athletes playing on hard court (exposed group) and those playing on synthetic grass (exposed group) and those playing on natural grass (unexposed group), for single type of injury

Site of injuryHard court – Natural grassSynthetic grass – Natural grass
IRR95% CIP valuesIRR95% CIP values
Knee1.240.66 to 2.320.2391.160.63 to 2.150.312
Hip2.090.44 to 12.80.1590.600.05 to 5.230.304
Ankle2.091.03 to 4.410.0141.380.65 to 3.020.184
Muscular injury0.600.26 to 1.330.0910.430.17 to 0.990.016
Other1.630.58 to 4.970.1591.160.38 to 3.650.392
  • *Not computable for presence of value 0.

  • IRR, incidence rate ratio.